Hi everybody, we are new to prefect and just star...
# prefect-server
Hi everybody, we are new to prefect and just started experimenting a little bit. Do we understand it correctly, that both plans,
only allow 1 concurrent flow to run? Is that also the case when self-managing prefect (local API)? This would be a dealbreaker for us, I guess. Cheers Robin
@Kyle DeMerritt @Kyle Moon-Wright
Hi Robin, at the moment our Developer/Team plans allow self-service by changing the size of your team at any time, but we haven’t exposed other aspects of the license for self-serve. However, Kyle can assist you by setting up a custom plan if you’re interested. The self-hosted version has no concurrency limits.
Thanks @Jeremiah for your response! OK, we are just now trying to spin up a self-hosted server on AWS EC2.