Hello everyone! TL;DR (and probably newbish questi...
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Hello everyone! TL;DR (and probably newbish question) I'm having some issues using Docker Storage. I did a mockup flow, and it runs fine locally, but after setting the flow.storage = Docker() and try to register it, it cannot find the modules I'm trying to import in my script. I presumed it was something regarding the current sys.path not being set to the project's root directory? (as opposed to running it locally). What I'm doing:
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1. prefect backend server #switch to local server
2. prefect server start
3. python register_flow.py (imports * + flow.storage = Docker(...) `flow.register(name)) #in the future would like to set up registry_url = my_aws_ECR
4. prefect agent start docker #Start a docker agent
Currently following this documentation.
Hi @bruno.corucho this doc may solve what you need https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/recipes/configuring_storage.html#configuring-docker-storage it focuses on adding custom modules/imports to your flow’s container at build time 🙂