Hey guys, I'm having issues trying to use docker S...
# prefect-server
Hey guys, I'm having issues trying to use docker Storage to pull pip dependences from our private artifactory - even when adding the build kwargs PIP_INDEX_URL it doesns't seem to respect it. Does anyone have a solution?
Hi @Charles Leung I don’t have much experience with a private artifactory but in order to debug you’re probably best off doing a
docker run …
on the base image and then debugging from inside that image in order to determine what else needs to be set up in order to pull from that repository
Hey Josh! i realize adding it as a build kwarg doesn't work. I just exported the dockerfile and added an ENV in there before the build stages - currently env takes place way too late to impact building, but i imagine that's intentional. thanks for your help -
hey josh actually i found a fix, though a little funny. I added the following to my python_dependencies arg: python_dependencies=[ 'certifi', 'pandas', 'wheel', 'snowflake-connector-python[pandas]', 'snowflake-sqlalchemy', 'sqlalchemy', 'boto3', '--index-url=MY_PRIVATE_ARTIFACTORY_URL' ],