When I stop my prefect local server and restart, t...
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When I stop my prefect local server and restart, the flows I registered (and projects created) are gone. Are they not persisted in the backend like the cloud?
Hi @Chandra Manginipalli! I don’t believe we have a persistent volume built into the Docker compose by default, so yes I think that is expected behavior
I think I can find a good resource for this one moment
That’s the best I can find at the moment
interesting. I read "_local server stores flow metadata in a Postgres database and exposes a GraphQL API_"  at here. and thought postgres is used by default for storage.
I was under the impression it stores flow runs, etc in that postgres storage and not on a file system through volume. did I misunderstand?
Yes, but when you tear down your images, I’m not sure that the Postgres database persists unless you configure a persistent volume
So as long as
prefect server start
(of which, part is
docker compose up
) is running, things will persist
If your postgres image is restarted, I’m not sure that data persists unless you set up a persistent volume
gotcha. so i ended up restarting the prefect server with --use-volume option and this time it was persistent
like it kept my flows and project I created before teh restart....yay!
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Great it works with prefect server start --use-volume