has anyone had success running prefect server on k...
# prefect-server
has anyone had success running prefect server on kubernetes directly (rather than docker-compose)?
@Chris White the docs hinted that this might be a feature in the future, any way to get something working in the short term?
Hi Matt! IIRC there was an effort at a helm chart in #prefect-contributors a week or two ago
here’s the helm chart PoC: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/server/pull/57
We don’t currently have the bandwidth to support custom Server deployments, so we won’t be making any big changes on that front in the short term
awesome thanks, I'll try this out
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any luck with this? I’m encountering the following error, but I don’t feel confident altering the helm chart defaults
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Error: Ingress.extensions "prefect-server-ui" is invalid: spec: Invalid value: []networking.IngressRule(nil): either `backend` or `rules` must be specified