Hey Everyone, I wanted to know if there are some o...
# prefect-server
Hey Everyone, I wanted to know if there are some other configurations invovled to ensure that
flows work parallel-ly. We're using prefect local to test this before we decide on buying cloud. But in local I see my functions are evaluated serially.
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# Generate Dates
    date_generator = generate_keys_for_nppes_urls()

    # Download ZIP Files, Instead of downloading files parallel-ly this function is executing first October, then September and then August...
    zip_files = download_nppes_data_for_time.map(date_generator)

    # Launch NPPES Spark Job
    spark_res = launch_nppes_spark_job.map(zip_files)

    # Launch NPPES Configuration Job
    config_job = nppes_configuration_job()
Although the UI shows that maps are tasked.
I faced similar issue. See https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/CL09KU1K7/p1602679486430000. Maybe this will help you out!
Welcome to the community @Siddharth Singh! Please let me know if Raphaël’s reference solves your problem or if you need additional help debugging this. Some more details on how you’re executing your flow will be helpful if you’re still having problems.