10/17/2020, 3:24 PM
Hi Prefect Team looks like I found a bug but need your view: I had an error while running flow as script with ModuleNotFoundError and I realise that I need to start the agent with "-p" option so that Agent can find the new path though that did not help. On looking further I found the code inside the LocalAgent
if self.import_paths:
    python_path += self.import_paths

current_env["PYTHONPATH"] = ":".join(python_path)
As I am working on Windows I realise that the colon to separate the Python path might not work and it should have been Semicolon for Windows
I am happy to fix this issue (If it is indeed a bug) to gain more insight on Prefect process, thanks
@nicholas If you can check and let me know would be appreciated, thanks


10/19/2020, 4:07 PM
Hi @Vipul - I can't test this on my Windows machine at the moment but please open a ticket for it on the Core repo 😄


10/19/2020, 4:08 PM
Sure, thanks