hey all, when loading up the UI the default graphq...
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hey all, when loading up the UI the default graphql endpoint needs to be set. I docker exec'd into the prefect ui container but i don't see a "~/.prefect/config.toml" how should i change this for all my users so that it's readily set when they visit the UI?
@Charles Leung you'll modify the
on the machine of the UI before you start Prefect Server, creating the config file if it doesn't already exist. Then you'll set
to your endpoint.
Make sure to upgrade to 0.13.13 before doing so, it contains a bugfix for the UI endpoint caching.
hey @nicholas , I'm actually not using the CLI to run prefect server start. Instead i'm running the docker container separately to leverage an existing postgres db; in this configuration, what change would i need to make?
Ah. I'd recommend taking a look at the server start command to understand how environment variables and config variables are being passed to the docker compose file. However, you shouldn't' need to use the docker compose file directly to use an existing postgres db, check out https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/faq/config.html and https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/server/deploy-local.html#database-persistence-and-migrations, they might be helpful
If you want to modify just the UI apollo endpoint, you can do so by execing into the container and modifying the
file, which should have a
However I still recommend upgrading to 0.13.13 to avoid UI caching issues
hey nicholas - thanks!
All resolved? 🙂
Hey Nicholas 🙂 sorry for the late reply. just finally fixed it; so what i did was docker exec into the running image - i found this line: getserverurl || localhost:4200/graphql in app~<some hash>.js; i did a sed replacement and it works now 😉 thanks for your help.
Glad to hear it worked! I'd also note that newer versions of Prefect Server (and thereby the UI) have seen improvements to that config process that'll make it a lot more reliable 🙂