Roey Brecher

11/09/2020, 1:29 PM
Hello, it seems that prefect 0.13.14 has a breaking change. We’re getting this error (we did not update our Prefect Server).
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prefect.utilities.exceptions.ClientError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <>

This is likely caused by a poorly formatted GraphQL query or mutation. GraphQL sent:

query {
    mutation($input: create_flow_from_compressed_string_input!) {
            create_flow_from_compressed_string(input: $input) {
Is it expected that every minor change will require us to update our Server if we update the clients?

Greg Roche

11/09/2020, 3:57 PM
Just chiming in that I've also experienced the exact same issue today, with 0.13.14 and a Prefect Server that hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks. EDIT: rolling back to 0.13.13 fixed this problem for me.


11/09/2020, 4:24 PM
Hi! This was caused by the addition of the “idempotency_key” for flow registration. Sorry it broke your server, we intend to keep versions compatible and this will not be a frequent occurrence. I forgot to add a branch for the extra argument, now I know I should in the future 🙂 That said, we do version the server/core images together and do not make forward compatibility guarantees.
We should be able to include a fix for this particular change in the next release — we’ll keep an eye out for future cases like this!

Roey Brecher

11/25/2020, 2:20 PM