Hello, it seems that prefect 0.13.14 has a breakin...
# prefect-server
Hello, it seems that prefect 0.13.14 has a breaking change. We’re getting this error (we did not update our Prefect Server).
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prefect.utilities.exceptions.ClientError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <>

This is likely caused by a poorly formatted GraphQL query or mutation. GraphQL sent:

query {
    mutation($input: create_flow_from_compressed_string_input!) {
            create_flow_from_compressed_string(input: $input) {
Is it expected that every minor change will require us to update our Server if we update the clients?
Just chiming in that I've also experienced the exact same issue today, with 0.13.14 and a Prefect Server that hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks. EDIT: rolling back to 0.13.13 fixed this problem for me.
Hi! This was caused by the addition of the “idempotency_key” for flow registration. Sorry it broke your server, we intend to keep versions compatible and this will not be a frequent occurrence. I forgot to add a branch for the extra argument, now I know I should in the future 🙂 That said, we do version the server/core images together and do not make forward compatibility guarantees.
We should be able to include a fix for this particular change in the next release — we’ll keep an eye out for future cases like this!