Hi All - I’m trying to debug an issue in my new Pr...
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Hi All - I’m trying to debug an issue in my new Prefect prod environment. Basically, I’m able to start all prefect services just fine, including a local agent. Logs are humming along and everything looks to be communicating successfully. However, the UI states that no agents are querying for flow runs. Additionally, if I create a project or register flows from the backend, the UI shows no new project or registered flows, despite successful messaging in the console. I can create a project in the frontend, which persists, but no entry appears in the database. It seems that the UI isn’t reading from / writing to the postgres database at all, which I confirmed by querying the respective tables. TLDR: my Prefect UI is persisting data in GraphQL (must be, right?) but not reading / writing to postgres. My setup: • Single AWS EC2 instance • Prefect server backend • Prefect version 0.13.15 • Latest docker images, as of now (initialize via prefect server start, for now) Any advice on how I should continue my investigation would be greatly appreciated!
Hi @Mike Marinaccio - GraphQL doesn't persist any data, so my suspicion is that you're either 1) Running the UI against Prefect Cloud or 2) You've spun up another instance of Prefect Server (perhaps locally?) against which the UI is running. Do either of those sound plausible?
I appreciate the response. I believe the issue is number 2. It looks like there might be some confusion between my local vm networking and the remote server, all of which is probably being complicated by the fact that I access the remote server through a VPN client.. Either way, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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