Hi! Do you know if during upgrade of prefect stack...
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Hi! Do you know if during upgrade of prefect stack I need to perform some manual actions? I have everything in 0.13.19, hasura migrations done via prefect-graphql, but I'm sill receiving error, during flow run
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GRAPHQL_VALIDATION_FAILED: Cannot query field "get_or_create_task_run_info" on
        type "Mutation". Did you mean "get_or_create_task_run" or
Hi @Miecio it looks like you’re using a new version of prefect core against an older version of server. How are you starting the server?
I was hitting this error as well - it seems like the order of the services matters. So, a restart of
even on correct version might help
I've ran into the same problem when deploying a new image of all prefect services on k8s. Tracked the issue down to Apollo fetching the GQL schema only once, at startup. It should continuously poll and stitch the schemas on the fly in case the GQL deployment hasn't been updated yet. Restarting the deployment also helps
Thanks a lot for Your advice! You were right that restart deployment of
helps. I was almost sure that there is something wrong with graphql deployment so I focused on it. Now it all works fine