Is there anyway to batch mapped tasks? Specificall...
# prefect-server
Is there anyway to batch mapped tasks? Specifically I have a flow that will kick of many runs of another parametrised run but I need to minimise the number of concurrent runs
Hi Josh, there’s not a first-class way to do it right now but you can do something like this
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import time
import random

import prefect
from prefect import Flow, task, Parameter


def dynamic_list_of_tasks(window_size):
    size = random.randint(window_size, MAX_SIZE)
    size += size % window_size  # Ensure it is divisable for the fixed window
    return [i for i in range(size)]

def fixed_window(tasks: list, window_size: int):
    windowed = []
    while tasks:
        tasks = tasks[window_size:]
    return windowed

def display(i):
    <|>(f"Processing {i}")

window_size = Parameter("window_size", default=2)

with Flow("windowed-tasks") as flow:
    tasks = dynamic_list_of_tasks(window_size)
    windowed_tasks = fixed_window(tasks, window_size)
# flow.register("default")
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So I basically want to map
task for around 100 different param combinations but only want say 10 mak at a time to run
That looks perfect!
Ah I think you’re asking for a slightly different thing than this is
No I think I can make it work!
Well — this could still work actually.
There’s a feature request for limiting the number of concurrent items in a map though
Will do!
Is there perhaps a way I can do it at the k8s level? Since my map is creating other flow runs and thus other pods - could I use Resource Quotas to limit the number of running jobs perhaps...
No that would just stop the agent from submitting new jobs not wait until finished...
Hmm the jobs could be submitted and they might wait until there are pod quotas available? That sounds feasible. I haven't tried anything like it though.;
If creating or updating a resource violates a quota constraint, the request will fail with HTTP status code 403 FORBIDDEN with a message explaining the constraint that would have been violated.
So I think not?
Jobs will attempt to create a pod forever I think though
Yes - so don't put the limit on the jobs but on the pods!
I don't think the above example quite does what I need but maybe something similar might...