Sean Talia

    Sean Talia

    1 year ago
    has anyone ever run into this issue before? i was running
    prefect server start
    just fine the other day, and in the last 10-15 minutes when I've tried running it, i'm getting sporadic errors for the various docker compose services that need to be pulled. one time i might get
    ERROR: for apolloĀ unauthorized: authentication required
    , another time i get
    ERROR: for postgresĀ unauthorized: authentication required
    , a 3rd time i get the same for
    , or some combination of the above
    and now after opening up a new terminal window, it runs just fine...


    1 year ago
    DockerHub is currently having a service interruption where the server images are hosted so it is likely that causing authentication/authorization issues temporarily šŸ™‚