Hi folks, quick question about data persistence......
# prefect-server
Hi folks, quick question about data persistence... we are running Prefect Server on an EC2 instance, and we just upgraded from
by running these commands:
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pip install --upgrade prefect
prefect server stop
prefect server start --detach
Unfortunately, after the upgrade had finished all of the projects, registered flows, and flow run history have been lost. Is there any way to prevent this from happening after future upgrades?
I'd like to learn this too. It would be great to have a backup routine of the flows.
I would as well.
Hi folks, check out this section of the docs: Database persistence and migrations. It boils down to: you'll need to set a persistent volume that the Postgres container can use between versions and system restarts. I'd recommend you also take a look at the links for the alembic migrations, since between versions you'll often need to run those against your database to make sure the database is compatible with that version of the API.
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Even I experience this issue.