Hello there. Seems like there is no way to "detach...
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Hello there. Seems like there is no way to "detach" local 'prefect server start' from terminal out of the box, and making own docker-compose with all env's seems overwhelming since it will have to be checked and updated manually every time prefect updates. Am i missing something, or currently there is no way to actually deploy 'official' deployment of on-premise Prefect Core in any kind of infrastructure (service in VM, deployment in k8s, etc) and only way to use it is through Prefect Cloud?
I'd say that you are right that there are no official deployment recipes for Prefect Server: the only official thing I know of is the use of
prefect server start
, but how exactly to deploy for production is neither provided out-of-the-box nor well documented. Having said that, when I was researching how to get Prefect Server running on ECS, I came across this now-outdated discussion for EC2: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/2787 After hanging out in this Slack community for awhile, it does seem to be the case that there are plenty of people running Prefect Server on an EC2 instance, but as my team went the route of using an Aurora PostgreSQL database, a multi-container ECS service (based on
) for perfect-server, and another ECS service for prefect-ui instead of an EC2 instance, I'm afraid I didn't investigate further.
Thank you very much for an expanded answer.