Does the user part of the local docker-compose run...
# prefect-server
Does the user part of the local docker-compose run server work for anyone else? I managed to get the graphql endpoint working (seems the ~/.prefect/config.toml change does not do anything, but the webform does). Now I want to create a token but, starting with:
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prefect server start --use-volume  --volume-path ~/.prefect/pg_data
If I select team|Account, it goes to stripe and fails as I am http only.
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IntegrationError: Live Stripe.js integrations must use HTTPS. For more information: <>
    at new o (<>)
    at fc.value (<>)
    at new fc (<>)
    at mc (<>)
    at Module.4120 (<>)
    at s (<>)
When creating a project:
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vue-router.esm.js:2008 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Navigation cancelled from "/default?agents" to "/default/project/dd392518-7e7b-41b0-8967-cdd5d2dda5a3" with a new navigation.
    at $t (vue-router.esm.js:2008)
    at wt (vue-router.esm.js:1990)
    at v (vue-router.esm.js:2297)
    at r (vue-router.esm.js:1947)
    at vue-router.esm.js:1948
    at vue-router.esm.js:2322
    at Dashboard.vue:69
    at u (runtime.js:63)
    at Generator._invoke (runtime.js:293)
    at (runtime.js:118)
But it does work. The tutorial does not mention creating a project during registration. It seems to be needed. Anyway, my flow seems to register, if I do name it, It just seems this is not really the same state as prefect itself.
That a project has to be created before registration is mentioned in the Orchestration & API tutorial:
Hi @Rob Fowler - I’m not sure I understand your issue. If you’re running Prefect Server you won’t be able to create tokens since there isn’t an auth layer in that application - the same is true for users.