Hello Community, We have deployed Prefect in Octo...
# prefect-server
Hello Community, We have deployed Prefect in October 2020 to evaluate it (we love it!) (and we are going to use it soon on bigger projects :)). Today we encountered an unexpected thing: Docker used 836 GB of hard drive space. 717 GB due to a (rather odd?) log file (see picture) in the directory
. We have no idea where this comes from, I hope that it can be traced back to something I did wrong in the setup. Any experience or ideas? With regards from Berlin to you all
Hi @David Kuda! This error suggests to me that you are sending logs to the API that, for some reason, don’t have a valid flow run ID attached to them
And it must be happening frequently if this error is generating that many logs!
Hi Chris, thanks for your prompt reply. We’ll further investigate based on your input.
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