Hi all, I’m trying to deploy Prefect in a Kubernet...
# prefect-server
Hi all, I’m trying to deploy Prefect in a Kubernetes cluster, but would like to use an ingress or NodePort configuration rather than two load balancers, which are somewhat expensive in AWS. I tried to set things up to use an Nginx ingress controller with /prefect serving the UI server and /graphql serving the Apollo server, but Prefect’s JavaScript setup does not seem to deal well with being run this way, and even adding rules for a bunch of the absolute paths (/css, /js, etc.) I was not able to get things running. Questions: 1. Is this a known limitation of Prefect’s server setup as presently constituted? 2. Has anyone had success deploying Prefect using an ingress controller? 3. If the answer to #2 is no, how about using NodePort for the UI and Apollo servers?