03/25/2021, 2:51 AM
Hello everyone! I am working with a server shared between JupyterLab and Prefect, and it happened to me recently that when running a code in JupyterLab, it turned out wrong and caused JupyterLab to crash, and along with it, Prefect UI as well. As a result of this I was investigating 2 things but I did not find much information in the documentation and that is why I turn to you. 1: Is it possible to have 2 servers, one for JupyterLab and the other for Prefect, but where you can still work hand in hand with both? (I would use this to solve the issue by ensuring that, if one of them falls, the other one doesn't, but if you come up with another solution I am all ears) 2: Is there a way for Prefect to notify me when the UI goes down?