Michael Hadorn

03/24/2021, 11:10 AM
Is it right, that a run with warnings will not be reflected in the gui (e.g. with a yellow color)? or is this a setting?

Jim Crist-Harif

03/24/2021, 2:35 PM
The UI only reports logs, warnings (raised with python's
module) won't be part of the logs.

Michael Hadorn

03/24/2021, 2:41 PM
Thanks for your answer. :) I use the prefect logger to write warnings (not the python module itself). This will look as attached in the log (ui). So i guess its the right way. I'm asking, because there are other tools, they also reflects warnings. For a monitor person this is pretty useful. To see: oh it worked, but there are some warnings. not that urgent, like there would be some errors.