Nathan Walker

03/30/2021, 1:00 PM
Hey folks, a question about Schedules here: When a Flow is run, if the hard-coded Schedule/Clock is different from the Schedule/Clock in the API, will anything strange/bad happen? Or is updating the API over the hard-coded values how the UI does scheduling? For example, let's say I code up a Flow with a Schedule and a few Clocks, then register it to Prefect Server. I can go to the API and query my Flow and see its schedule and all that. If I use the API to mutate my flow's Clock(s), I'm assuming that whatever data is in the API will be what the Agent will look at to see if it's time to run the Flow. But when the Flow actually goes to run, will the Schedule objects match whatever is coming from the API or will they come from the hard-coded Flow? I want to avoid having the API say "Run this flow at 3am with Params X, Y, and Z" but when the Flow actually goes to run, it says, "This flow will run at 2pm with Params A, B, and C."
**I'm definitely conflating the Postgres database and the actual GraphQL API here.

Mariia Kerimova

03/30/2021, 1:45 PM
Hello Nathan! Updated Schedule via API (and UI as well) should prevail the hardcoded Schedule on your flow.

Nathan Walker

03/30/2021, 1:46 PM