Dear Prefect Community. I am new to prefect and I'...
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Dear Prefect Community. I am new to prefect and I'm evaluating it vs Airflow and the why-not-airflow paper on the website was very convincing but my first experience was not positive - thus reaching out here because I dont want to give up on a technology that might just make my life easier later by giving up too early. I will paste the startup error in this thread - but the problem is on prefect server start - I am getting connection errors, and then later when I pull up the UI :8080 I get to the getting started screen but the graphql connect fails with more docker error logs scrolling. I can move the UI question to the other room if this is the wrong place.
here is docker images:
toddlindstrom@Todds-Mac-mini rn % docker ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE   COMMAND  CREATED  STATUS  PORTS   NAMES toddlindstrom@Todds-Mac-mini rn % docker images REPOSITORY       TAG      IMAGE ID    CREATED    SIZE alpine/git       latest     22c155daebb5  2 days ago   25.2MB postgres        11       5d6b1d3ef9e6  12 days ago  193MB prefecthq/ui      core-0.14.16  0d4411d0bf3d  13 days ago  192MB prefecthq/server    core-0.14.16  bf24592be75f  2 weeks ago  396MB prefecthq/apollo    core-0.14.16  8269d32c4e56  2 weeks ago  321MB hasura/graphql-engine  v1.3.3     cf9add618ad6  4 months ago  48.5MB
followed by my startup error: towel_1 reports error can not connect to That is not my public IP on my mac - I am guessing that is a docker IP
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towel_1     | {"severity": "ERROR", "name": "prefect-server.HasuraClient", "message": "Encountered internal API exception: [Errno 111] Connect call failed ('', 3000)", "exc_info": "Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File \"/prefect-server/src/prefect_server/utilities/\", line 87, in reraise_as_api_error\n    yield\n  File \"/prefect-server/src/prefect_server/utilities/\", line 64, in execute\n    timeout=30,\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/httpx/\", line 1385, in post\n    timeout=timeout,\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-p.......
later I get a graphql_1 error connection refused.
Hey @Todd Lindstrom -- how much memory do you have allocated to Docker Desktop?
4 CPUs 2.0 GB swap 1GB
just default
i have a brand new apple chip based mac mini
i changed mem to 4GB with no effect - so I deleted all containers and images and I'm pulling them fresh again as a test.
Did that resolve it? I had to bump the default memory -- 1GB is definitely not enough for the full Server stack.
Can you provide the full output of
prefect server start
? as well as
prefect diagnostics
toddlindstrom@Todds-Mac-mini /tmp % prefect diagnostics {  "config_overrides": {},  "env_vars": [],  "system_information": {   "platform": "macOS-11.2.3-arm64-arm-64bit",   "prefect_backend": "server",   "prefect_version": "0.14.16",   "python_version": "3.9.4"  } }
message has been deleted
towel_1 process is trying to connect to address? Is that something that docker arranges internally? that is the first error i'm getting towel_1 cant connect to the 172 address port 3000
Hi @Todd Lindstrom I ran into similar errors when I was setting up server (hasura exiting with code 137). Bumping up docker memory to 8 GB solved the issue for me. Could you try that?
one other thing i saw that python 3.9 was experimental but my install of prefect is installing into my /opt/homebrew/bin folder and it is requiring python 3.9
is that a possible problem
yeah I would recommend downgrading python and using your favorite python environment manager (conda, pipenv, pyenv, etc)
i'm very new to mac - i istalled python with brew - is that a mistake ?
It kind of looks like there are 3 graphql services running
In that log, there are three separate colors and each one is attempting to run database migrations
I'd recommend not forcefully stopping on exit, not all of the containers are torn down then.
Can you kill all your docker containers with
docker kill $(docker ps -q)
then do
prefect server start
again and share the logs?
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no brew is great for global python on your machine, for specific python versions or projects I'd recommend a python package manager I use
for this Basic usage is something like this, and it's well documented online
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$ conda create -n "py38prefect" python=3.8
$ conda activate py38prefect
$ (py38prefect) # pip install stuff in the shell now
ok i am battling getting python 3.8 installed and reinstall prefect - I will let you know how it goes
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installed conda - installed python 3.8 and then prefect server start worked ok and I've created my first flow. Mission 1 accomplished - now to see if it will work for us.
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Yay! Let us know if you need any more help