Try to set rootless server on CentOs 7, following ...
# prefect-server
Try to set rootless server on CentOs 7, following not so clear to me how to install
also not so clear what exactly I should add to
if someone can help with a step by step example, it will be very helpful thanks
Hey @YD, we try our best to help, but noone on the team is really familiar with this, since this is more of a Docker question unfortunately. We’ll see if anyone in the community has any thoughts.
@YD we are running perfect server on openshift which require rootless. The only image we customize is the perfect UI one on which you need to update the setup on ngix to be rootless. @Kevin Kho do you think this is something that could benefit the community(
Yeah I think so. I think it’s the second time I’ve seen this.
Apology for the delay. Created a PR for prefect ui to run on rootless mode
The change got merged. I expect the next release 0.15.3 should include the fix
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