General question... I had some sample workflows ru...
# prefect-server
General question... I had some sample workflows running on my local machine (on my laptop), http://localhost:8080/default I've installed Prefect server on a VM. when I go to
<VM ip address>:8080
, without running anything, it is somehow shows the workflows and projects I had on my local machine. How can this be ?
Hey @YD, Prefect is not this magical. It’s likely you’re somehow hitting the same database, it’s a bit unclear to me if that DB is on your local machine or the VM.
Did you already have server installed on the VM when registering flows?
I had no Prefect or Docker components on the VM the Local server is still running, and I am not totally sure how to stop it.
prefect server stop
did not work Locally I see
file ls -l ~/.prefect there is no such file on the remote VM and a host of docker containers running
Stopping the local server worked I forgot it was on virtual env.
Once the local server was turned off the local workflows stopped showing up in the remote UI
the URL is the AWS machine, but it still looks for the local graphql