Hi! Is there a clean way to limit the number of co...
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Hi! Is there a clean way to limit the number of concurrently executing runs of a flow? For example, let's say I have a flow that runs every 15 minutes. Sometimes the flow run takes 20 minutes, but I don't want to trigger the next flow run until after the last one succeeds (or at the subsequent 15 min interval).
One idea I had was to have the first task of the flow query the GraphQL api to see if there are any
in-progress. If so, short-circuit the flow (using
case(is_flow_running, True)
) Hoping there is something a little more elegant/built-in
Hi @Casey Green, flow concurrency is something we offer in Prefect Cloud. Otherwise you should have to short-circuit with something like you are suggesting and
raise ENDRUN
to end the flow run and then wait for the next flow run
oh cool, good to know! In prefect cloud is it programmatically configurable in python or is that something you have to set in the UI?
Yes it can be controlled with the GraphQL API.
👍 excellent, thanks @Kevin Kho!
Do y'all have any docs around features that are only available in Cloud?
There is the What plan should I choose? section here. Other than that, not at the moment unfortunately. You’re very welcome to schedule a sales call and discuss though.
Great thanks! I think we'll be doing that here in the next month or two.
Might be relevant
Oh interesting! This solves a slightly different problem, but I've been actually wondering if this was possible as well. I think this makes the DockerAgent a more viable production deployment because it allows you to limit the number of flows executing on a single agent.