Hey guys are there any guides for setting server u...
# prefect-server
Hey guys are there any guides for setting server up on AKS with an external URL and authentication?
Hey @Raed, we don’t have any guides but we’ll see if the community has any thoughts here
No guides sorry, but I have done it. We used Azure AD with the open source OAuth2-proxy https://github.com/oauth2-proxy/oauth2-proxy
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Hi @Aiden Price, can you please provide high-level steps that you’ve done? I would be very appreciated 🙏
Hi, very quickly, I made a copy of the Prefect helm chart from the server repo, then I added in my own copy of the oauth2-proxy helm chart as a dependency, then its a matter of getting the right config for the oauth2-proxy which will depend on you Azure AD set up.
Example oauth2-proxy config
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kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  name: prefect-oauth2-config
  namespace: your-namespace
    app: oauth2-proxy
  oauth2_proxy.cfg: |-
    provider = "azure"
    azure_tenant = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    scope = "<api://YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY/default>"
    redirect_url = "<https://zzzzzzzzz.com/oauth2/callback>"
    email_domains = [ "*" ]
    upstreams = ["<http://prefect-apollo.your-namespace:4200/graphql/>","<http://prefect-ui.your-namespace:8080/>"]
    silence_ping_logging = true
    session_store_type = "redis"
    redis_connection_url = "<redis://prefect-redis-master.your-namespace:6379>"