Hi guys, trying to register and run a flow on the ...
# prefect-server
Hi guys, trying to register and run a flow on the remote perfect-server. From my laptop I run
python3 example1.py
. The .py file mentioned in this command is copied from that page. unfortunately the registered flow does not start and shows me an error
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[13 July 2021 10:52am]: Failed to load and execute Flow's environment: ModuleNotFoundError("No module named '/Users/mylocaluser/'")
anyone knows why?
Hi @Евгений Берендяев, are you running this on the same machine you registered from?
No, there is only one agent which is k8s agent, and I’m triggering the registered flow from the perfect-server UI (which is deployed in k8s too)
So when you register a flow, it gets saved to a Storage location. When the flow is run, it gets retrieved from that Storage and then executed. The default storage is
storage so it will save the file locally in the
folder in the home directory. The problem then happens when Kubernetes tries to go to that home directory address but it’s not there relative to the pod. I would try something like
storage, and KubernetesRun will grab it from that bucket. You could also package the flow in a container for KubernetesRun.
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