# prefect-server

Dipen Chawla

08/24/2021, 5:36 PM
Hi, I am trying to gauge Prefect for our workflow management needs. I had a question regarding self-hosted Prefect server but couldn’t find supported documentation for this : Is there a way to scale the Prefect Server k8s deployment to more than 1 replica on increased load? An analogy to Airflow scheduler scaling introduced in 2.0 -

Kevin Kho

08/24/2021, 5:38 PM
Hi @Dipen Chawla, we don’t have support for high availability at this time. Just making sure you also know that Prefect Cloud gives 10000 free task runs per month, which is a lot to get started with for testing if that’s an option for you.
Hey, I was wrong in the above response. All services within Server are horizontally scalable except the database so the after to your questions is yes you can scale them to more than one replica
Here is the
that specifies the replicas