Hi Everyone, Does anyone here have any advice for...
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Hi Everyone, Does anyone here have any advice for running the prefect server behind a HTTP proxy? I am having all sorts of trouble running the server. All the containers startup, but the UI cant connect to the backend, and also, any agents I run cant connect.. Everything is running in the same docker-network, I have the 'NO_PROXY=localhost,' env set.. If I remove the HTTP_PROXY env variables the server works fine, but my agent can't get to the outside world to download pip packages etc.. If I leave the HTTP_PROXY env variable in.. the server UI/agents can't seem to talk to the backed. Any help would be much-appreciated 😄. (Also, full disclosure, I had raised an issue on git hub for basically this, but closed it because I thought I had fixed the problem (https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/4859) turns outs that while I got the server running I lost internet access in the process, but I have since found this community so though I would ask here instead of raising issues on github :D)
Hey @Luke Kentwell, not sure I can help but how did you configure the UI? Did you do something like this to point it to the proxy? Either setting it in the UI or through the
. And then for agents, they should point using:
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endpoint = "YOUR_IP:4200/graphql"
Assuming it can connect
Seems like you are hitting localhost in your Github issue, but want to be hitting the proxy address instead?
Hi @Kevin Kho, thanks for assisting 😄 Should I set the server.ui value to the proxy address on my network?
it would be whatever address the agent needs to talk to and then the port 4200/graphql
Fast forward to “Starting Prefect Server” here. Maybe it will give a good idea.
ta, I think ive got it.. I set the apollo_url to my servers url and the endpoint to the gateway address for the prefect_server docker network. I also had to set the no_proxy for that prefect_server networks subnet on my agent containers
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