We have flows in the prefect cloud that should be ...
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We have flows in the prefect cloud that should be running but are just empty, no stat us no nothing. Just shows up as past runns without anything in them.
They have no status, only a name.
@Kevin Kho from what I can tell I don't think these flows has even run...
Do they have any logs? Like can you click into them?
Nothing at all, only a name. Almost looks like a majority of the graphQL query fails for them
I can't get any response from support either.
Going to the specific run, all the fields are empty. No parameters, start time, nothing. Querying with the CLI they have no STATE or anything. Just a name and and ID
prefect describe flow-runs -n $failed_job
I get
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  "auto_scheduled": true,
  "created": "2021-10-08T13:50:50.659485+00:00",
  "end_time": null,
  "flow": {
    "name": "run-forecast"
  "name": "$failed_job",
  "parameters": {
    /* Censored, but they exist and are correct */
  "scheduled_start_time": "2021-10-10T17:30:00+00:00",
  "serialized_state": null,
  "start_time": null
Will ask the team about this. When you say you got no response from support? You mean you emailed Prefect?
Hey @Filip Lindvall, any chance you could DM me one of the ids for these flow runs?
Thanks, I'll send you a DM @Zach Angell
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Via the online contact form @Kevin Kho, thanks for the quick follow-up here 🙂
Hey Filip, how are your flows running, what kind of agent?