The prefect helm chart's values.yaml files says th...
# prefect-server
The prefect helm chart's values.yaml files says that
used for the apollo, graphql, and towel services
but the graphql image comes from the hasura repo on dockerhub, not the prefecthq one so the versioning is different. Is this a mistake or am I missing something?
@Lon Nix from my understanding, this comment seems to be correct, because Hasura is the only image not hosted directly by Prefect: but all others, mentioned in the comment about serverVersionTag are: • apollo - prefecthq/apollo • graphql - prefecthq/server • towel - prefecthq/server I think what confused you is that Hasura and Graphql are two different services in the Helm chart, and they use different base images - Hasura external, GraphQL internal.
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