Lawrence Finn

11/05/2021, 12:09 PM
Why is prefect moving from a graphql API to REST based?
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Chris White

11/05/2021, 3:20 PM
Hey @Lawrence Finn! We decided to do this for a number of related reasons: ā€¢ many of our users requested a REST API as their teams were already familiar with REST over GraphQL, and when we hear feedback like that enough we begin to consider the alternative ā€¢ another piece of feedback we heard was that Prefect Server was a little too complicated to work with and stand up -- the complexity in Server is almost entirely based on the tooling and services needed to host a GraphQL API; moving to REST allowed this experience to be docker-free and incredibly straightforward ā€¢ last but certainly not least, GraphQL APIs don't make great public facing APIs as query performance is tightly coupled to the DB, and it is difficult to estimate query complexity when the request is first made; REST alleviates that significantly by decoupling the client code from the DB, as well as providing a more explicit avenue for managing heterogeneous requests via different URL endpoints
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