Hey guys! Is there a way to register a flow via a ...
# prefect-server
Hey guys! Is there a way to register a flow via a call to the server/graphql endpoint without installing prefect on the local machine? I'm trying to register flows during the build step of a code deployment pipeline (we have one pipeline for the server on EKS and one for flow/model deployment, so the server should already be set up by the time pipeline #2 is registering the flow), and I'd like to minimize the packages that need to be installed during build 😅.
Hi @Margaret Walter, the answer is kind of but it’s quite tricky. You can see the mutation to register the flow under
You would need to pass in the string representation of the flow to the API endpoint
And then this is the actual call
Ah ok, thank you for your help! We're planning on having other teams use this so I'l just install the cli, having to stringify the python code seems like a... not fun point of failure to deal with in the future, ha.
It’s very hard to edit the string. I’ve seen one person do it though