Alexis Lucido

12/23/2021, 5:19 PM
Hello everyone. I am still exploring Prefect's functionnalities and would like to use State Handlers to send alerts in case of failure. I was wondering whether we could pass some more arguments such as email receivers, title and body to a State Handler signature? I would like to use some yml file already configured rather than configuring Prefect Secrets. Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!

Kevin Kho

12/23/2021, 5:21 PM
Hey @Alexis Lucido, the answer there is not really. This is discouraged because context tends to not me mutable after instantiated but maybe something like this can help you:
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from prefect import Flow, task
import prefect
import random

def mystatehandler(obj, old_state, new_state):
    if new_state.is_finished():
    return new_state

def abc(x):
    rand  = random.random()
    prefect.context.rand = rand
    return x + rand

with Flow("some_flow_name") as flow:
    a = abc(1)

Alexis Lucido

12/23/2021, 5:24 PM
Hey Kevin. I guess I have understood the concept then. I wanted to do so to get a better loosely coupling between Prefect and our business rules, but I'll reach another compromise. Thank you anyway!