Hey guys - I’m new to Prefect but I’m considering ...
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Hey guys - I’m new to Prefect but I’m considering using it at my startup, however, I have a question - how easy would it be to integrate Prefect with a web app for end user? Our users needs to be able to initiate a data processing job from our web app (not the Prefect UI) and also change some parameters of the job (what data to process). Does Prefect come with a REST API endpoint from which jobs can be ran and job parameters changed? Thanks! Simon
You can definitely use Prefect to trigger a parametrized workflow via an API call. This post shows how to do it https://www.prefect.io/blog/how-to-make-your-data-pipelines-more-dynamic-using-parameters-in-prefect in Section #4
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Thanks @Anna Geller, looks like what I need! Btw I tried your tutorial https://towardsdatascience.com/distributed-data-pipelines-made-easy-with-aws-eks-and-prefect-106984923b30 but I got stuck at this step: Is`prefect auth login -t <MyTokenToRegisterFlows>`deprecated?
yup, it’s now:
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prefect auth login -k API_KEY