Hi All; Are there any thoughts out there on how t...
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Hi All; Are there any thoughts out there on how to make a DbtShellTask dynamic? As in certain parameters would be provided to the flow and based on those the DbtTask would get created and run subsequently? It’d be great if I can see an example.
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We are working on deeper integration with dbt so there will be many exciting things to look out for in the future! On the one hand, you may expect something similar to the approach discussed here where you will be able to have more observability into your dbt transformations directly from a Prefect flow. When it comes to the functionality that you've mentioned, you could probably accomplish something similar by using retries. But even on that note, we are working on: β€’ making this experience easier β€’ content to guide you on how to do it. Given so many things on the roadmap regarding Orion, it's hard to say when you may expect that - the best way to stay updated on all new dbt integrations and content is to hit the πŸ”” icon on the
Discourse tag. cc @Andrew Black
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Thank you for your reply.
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