Hi all, There seems to be some issue with Prefect ...
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Hi all, There seems to be some issue with Prefect Cloud heartbeats. Randomly, some mapped tasks show an error:
No heartbeat detected from the remote task; retrying the run.This will be retry 1 of 3.
and then it never actually retries.. I believe the Lazarus process must kick in every 10 minutes and reschedule the task, right? CC: @Christina Lopez @Kevin Kho @Anna Geller
CC: @Yash Joshi
Thanks for reporting your issue. Can you share a bit more about your setup - which agent do you use? you mentioned mapped task - do you run it on Dask, if so what type of Dask cluster is it? Also, can you send me the flow run ID rather than the task run ID?
Lazarus will resubmit Flow runs, not task runs. In this case though, it looks like the Flow compute died. What does the task do? Is there a chance your tasks are competing for resources?
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@Saurabh Indoria check out Anna and Kevin’s response.
Our setup is Prefect Cloud + Kubernetes + LocalDaskExecutor
thx will check
Thanks @Anna Geller
@Kevin Kho Our tasks are simple microservice calls. The actual compute intensive work happens on our microservices. Regardless of our task size, when the logs say
retrying the run.This will be retry 1 of 3.
, shouldn't that mean it would actually retry?
Ah ok. Can you try using threaded heartbeats for both the main flow and subflows? These tend to be more stable
I believe the default is thread, right? We haven't changed the heartbeat configuration explicitly, so I assumed it is threaded..
The default is ‘process’
You can find more info here
Oh I see... Thanks, will switch to threaded heartbeat mode!
To the question though, the Flow Run will retry, but I don’t know if the task retries because those are two separate things. You are mapping over create_flow_run right?
Thanks for sharing more info and the flow run ID. The logs don't provide any more info than the error you shared already so no new insights from that.
Our tasks are simple microservice calls. The actual compute intensive work happens on our microservices.
That's actually more problematic than if you would compute something directly within your flow run pod because this introduces one more layer of complexity - I've written a more detailed explanation here https://discourse.prefect.io/t/flow-is-failing-with-an-error-message-no-heartbeat-detected-from-the-remote-task/79#flow-heartbeat-[…]ubernetes-job-5 I agree with Kevin that what may be happening is some issue in the compute i.e. the flow run pod, where your
executes mapped child task runs in separate threads or processes, runs out of memory, or comes across some network issues. Within each of those threads or subprocesses, you are likely spinning up other subprocesses or directly triggering microservice API calls, and waiting till they finish the execution there. And if e.g. the flow run pod runs out of memory, it gets tricky to find out which subprocess call led to that issue. So what might help here would be to: 1. As Kevin mentioned, switch to threads heartbeat mode to avoid having each of those child task-runs being spun up in a subprocess 2. Switch to threads on your
- if you are not using threads already 3. Offload those microservice calls into individual subflows that you can trigger from a parent flow in a flow of flows. You could even turn off the heartbeats for those subflow to prevent such heartbeat errors. This would even allow you to run each child flow in a separate Kubernetes pod to isolate failure of each of those child components
If you can share your flow, this could help us with finding the issue and suggest things you can try, as we wouldn't have to make as many assumptions as we do right now 😄
I see, thanks a lot for the detailed response. Let me try out your suggestions before I share the flow (don't wanna bore you with the code 😛 )
@Kevin Kho We don't map over create_flow_run, instead, we just map a task over a list of pandas dataframes...
Ohh I see I misunderstood yes try Anna’s suggestions
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