Hi! Running this: ```helm pull --destination /tmp/...
# prefect-server
Hi! Running this:
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helm pull --destination /tmp/c68c98cd-c919-46b6-9e17-924f22aa2dd3 --version 2022.01.25 --repo <https://prefecthq.github.io/server> prefecthq/prefect-server
results in an error :
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Error: chart "prefecthq/prefect-server" version "2022.01.25" not found in <https://prefecthq.github.io/server> repository
However, I do see
as a version when I do
helm search repo prefecthq/prefect-server --versions
. Can someone please point out where I am going wrong?
Hi @Madhup Sukoon, i’m a bit confused what you are attempting. Have you seen the README in the server repo how to install with helm?
Yes, but my cluster is ArgoCD managed, and it requires specifying a version for helm charts.
Can you replicate this issue?
Chatted with a team member with more helm experience and they said changing the command to this works
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helm pull  --destination /tmp/c68c98cd-c919-46b6-9e17-924f22aa2dd3 --version 2022.01.25 --repo <https://prefecthq.github.io/server> prefect-server
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