Hi, At my workplace, we're long-time Airflow user...
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Hi, At my workplace, we're long-time Airflow users. After skimming through Prefect docs and blogs, I can see that it tackles many of Airflow's pain-points that we've had to hack our way around. But an advantage Airflow provides is the ability to run tasks written in non-Python programming languages, such as R, via operators (Bashoperator, Dockeroperator). Is it possible to do so in Prefect? If yes, how? If not, is it in the roadmap? Congrats and thanks for open-sourcing Prefect core!
Found this - https://docs.prefect.io/guide/task_library/docker.html#containers Looks like this will allow replication of Dockeroperator's functionality. Correct me if I'm wrong. Still, is there a way to directly run R scripts via Prefect?
We're working on figuring out first-class R bindings but I don't have an estimate for you yet. It's very important for some of the data scientists we work with. In the meantime were running scripts or trying python/R interop
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