Is there any NO-docker version of prefect to insta...
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Is there any NO-docker version of prefect to install on-prem (we don't have any docker support)? I did
conda install
and now getting this
No such file or directory: 'docker-compose'
prefect server
You could use the Core engine alone or use Prefect Cloud’s managed offering (there is a free tier), but other than those options I’m afraid the supported way of spinning up Prefect Server will most likely require Docker for the foreseeable future
Try PIP instead of the condas forge
Docker is no-go for us and our sister organizations (which includes some departments from National Labs)... There is nothing docker does which cannot be done without it - so it would be really nice to consider people like us... Any place I can vote for that?
Sure! Feel free to open an issue on GitHub describing your ideal scenario:
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