Yeah definitely. I’ve built out and am maintaining...
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Yeah definitely. I’ve built out and am maintaining a Fast API app for work, so I’m definitely familiar with trying to keep as much async as possible when you’re already living in async world. It makes you very conscious of your blocking calls and where it’s “correct” to put them. We’ve been using aiohttp, but we’ve heard good things about httpx as well. Mirroring the requests API is really helpful because it can get other devs on board faster
I'll second httpx, much easier to work with than aiohttp
Yeah, httpx is awesome
Gonna go read through those docs, and probably will be writing a ticket to do a migration! Would love an easier to use experience the aiohttp. It’s great and all, but you can kinda tell it was the first iteration
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httpx is an evolution of
which was a pure requests API translation, so it’s pretty easy to use!
and IIRC will be supporting both async and synchronous calls in an upcoming release
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