Hi, I've wanted to tried this thing and installed...
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Hi, I've wanted to tried this thing and installed via docker but I understood I'm not the customer of this product. Now, Everytime I restart my mac the prefecthq working. How can I uninstall it?
Hi @Roy Segall! A couple options: 1. If you are on Windows/MacOS, you can open the application UI for Docker (“Docker for Windows” or “Docker for Mac”) and stop the processes from there 2. You can run
prefect server start
again and Ctrl-C/Cmd-C out of the process; this will trigger the cleanup for that command 3.
into the directory where prefect is installed (this may be deep in your file system to wherever your package manager put it) and run `docker-compose -f src/prefect/cli/docker-compose stop`; this is what number (2) is doing under the hood Hope that helps!