Hi data lovers! If ensuring the reliability of yo...
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Hi data lovers! If ensuring the reliability of your data pipelines is top of mind for you, I invite you to Data Quality Meetup on Thursday, November 19th at 9AM PST. It's a virtual event for the most active and hands-on data practitioners to share and discuss tools, ideas & success stories on managing data quality. 📈 We have an amazing list of speakers for the upcoming event including: • Scott Breitenother (co-founder of Locally Optimistic blog) • Dmitry Petrov (co-author of DVC – Data Version Control framework) • Mars Lan (co-author of DataHub) RSVP here If you are curious to learn more about Data Quality Meetup, you can check out the digests and recordings of the previous event.
Will the stream be made available afterwards? Just seeing this.
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