Jacob Blanco

10/29/2020, 3:57 AM
Hey all 👋 I’m Jacob. I work as a Data Science Engineer at Paidy, a fintech startup in Tokyo. We (@Arsenii and I) just released an article on how we used Prefect to build an in-house feature store on top of PostgreSQL that makes our lives much easier when building models. We are working on another post about how we deploy our flows that I think will be useful for a lot of people. Have a nice day! 🚀 (Sorry for the formatting issues, the blog was just released this week so there’s still some kinks to work out. 😅)
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10/29/2020, 9:39 AM
This looks great! We at are currently building an in-house feature store as well, knowing someone else is using prefect for feature stores is very encouraging and exciting!


10/29/2020, 11:10 AM
Thanks for sharing @Jacob Blanco!

Jacob Blanco

12/03/2020, 1:08 AM
@emre That’s awesome to hear, if you have any more questions please feel free to DM me or post it here.