Anna Geller (old account)

02/08/2021, 10:56 PM
Prefect community is just amazing. Two people posting about the same thing on the same day! 😄 @Jimmy Le thanks for mentioning me. Here is my take on how to set up Prefect with an ECS agent:
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just to mention: @Jimmy Le I used a slightly different setup - I used Dockerhub image + S3 Storage, so I still think that the community can benefit from both articles 😄


02/10/2021, 10:42 PM
Thank you both @Anna Geller (old account)and @Jimmy Le! I have been working on this same setup since last week and got my flows and agent to run Monday night but my flows were not executing. i came to search through slack yesterday and was very pleased to find your write ups! I was missing ECSRun() and did not use labels, i finally got it working today, thanks!!!! 🙂
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