# show-us-what-you-got

Craig Wright

02/18/2021, 8:07 PM
Hi all! Yesterday we released a Task,
, that lets you kick off a sync with Fivetran and will tell you when that sync has completed (or failed). The goal is to let the user be more deterministic about when to start processing or transforming data that has been landed in a data warehouse by Fivetran. For example, even though Fivetran's UI lets you setup a sync and also setup dbt transformations, we currently don't have the functionality to have the dbt transfromation run after a sync has completed. You could do this now with Prefect and the FivetranSyncTask. This is our very first effort to start bridging the gap between our automated pipelines and the more robust scheduling needs of a Prefect user. It is very early days, we would love feedback! Please reach out to myself and/or @Nick Acosta. We would love to talk to folks who would be interested this, especially to know where this does or does not meet your needs. Thanks!
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