Hello ! a few months ago I had <issues> with deplo...
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Hello ! a few months ago I had issues with deploying Prefect Server with a ECS and a private Docker storage. As its all working well now I wrote a tutorial on the steps I had to follow, hoping it might help anyone needed this particular configuration too 🙂 Here's the article : https://towardsdatascience.com/deploying-prefect-server-with-aws-ecs-fargate-and-docker-storage-36f633226c5f
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Nice! I wanted to see this lol. I think we’ll get this up on the Prefect site.
Thanks @Kevin Kho! I hope it can be usefull for others 🙂
Do you happen to know the difference between:
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api = "<http://X.X.X.X:4200>"
and specifying
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endpoint = "<http://X.X.X.X:4200>"
? I notice the former in your article, but I haven’t run into that form before.
I think server is more right. I think the above is used with
prefect backend cloud
and the bottom is used with
prefect backend server
@Wilson Bilkovich sorry if that wasn't clear enough. I figured out that agents other than Local rely on cloud.api instead of server.endpoint, which gets set to localhost by default when running Prefect Server. We discussed it a bit in this issue. Feel free to ask if you need more details 🙂