I struggled a bit getting to terms with Prefect's ...
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I struggled a bit getting to terms with Prefect's terminology and how cloud/agents/flows etc integrate, but got some great help from the champions on this forum. Now that things are humming along I decided to write up what I figured out (focused on the infrastructure side of things, rather than writing Flows). Hopefully it's mostly correct and hopefully it's useful for someone! https://rdrn.me/scaling-out-prefect/
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I was drawn in by Prefect’s super-active community and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references. […] Big shoutout to the Prefect Slack community for their help!
Thank you! marvin
One thing Prefect lacks is Sensors, to enable event-based flows.
We can chat about that if you need this functionality - there are several ways to accomplish that in Prefect. Very well written, thank you so much for sharing!
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Really well written, thanks for sharing Chris! Love the
page on your site too btw 🙂
Nice! Thanks for a Vertex example
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This is great stuff, well done @Chris Arderne! 😄
Thanks for sharing Chris!