Alright <@ULVA73B9P>, do you like Christmas? :chri...
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Alright @Marvin, do you like Christmas? 🎄 I set out to make a star with the radar plot. I figured it should be doable and would be a pretty cool visualisation. However it was difficult due to the unpredictability of which task lands where on the same level in the radar circle. Quick turnaround to new idea. I could use the same increasing amount of dependent task idea to make something that was a bit more consistent in form. Enter the Christmas tree, to kick off the very first challenge! By increasing the amount of dependent tasks at each level in the tree to create more branches I managed to get the tree structure plotted in Orion. I found that the plot extends to “3 o’clock” at first to then go down, in clockwise manner. This made my idea of creating a stem at the bottom hard, as it would be located at the upper part of the tree and not in the middle. I then realised that it would be possible to get a star or ball on the top of the tree which really topped it off I’d say! Hoping to see some cooler submissions in the week to come. Good luck and enjoy to anyone trying out the challenge 🙌
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Here is my code
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def branch(parent):

def radar_tree():
    levels = 20
    parent = branch("top-star")
    for star in range(50):
    for level in range(1, levels):
        parent = branch(parent)
        for b in range(level * 2):
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Radar art might need its own category!!
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Yessss setting the bar high lol
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Dang this means you can make ornaments with failed tasks to add red color lol
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🤯 Heck, I wish I thought of that
Well, my code is Apache 2.0 for anyone who wants to continue 😂
This is awesome!
@Noah Holm be sure to fill out the form to get your Marvin’s Challenge swag!
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It’s… so beautiful 😭
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